On Being A Writer

from Wim Permana

Hello Professor Karen, My name is Wim Permana. You can call me simply, ‘Wim’. I am committed to write because of – please do not surprise – my heart. Yes, the only make-sense reason when every body ask me; “Why would you become a writer Wim?” is my heart. Yes, this unreal substance call me every time I was dreaming.

I’m an indonesian, purely. My mother and my father is javanese, and I do too. But I don’t think that I’m a purely javanese since I can not speak and write with this language. Instead, I used to speak with Bahasa Palembang in my childhood and having my self try to speak and write with Bahasa Indonesia since I entered my kindergarten school.

I was born in a city called Palembang, The Capital of South Sumatera Province. It was 22 years ago, on the late night (11 pm) of january, 30th, 1985. To telling you the truth, I can guarantee that on that wednesday night when I was born, all my family was very happy to welcome me. Especially my parents, not just because the fact that I was born with a good and normal condition but also because of my status which is ‘the second son that automatically become first son’. You know, my older brother, Wim Put Wiratmoko, died since he was born. My parents flock his chick, but no response came from him. He just ……. so quiet. Oh my.

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My first work on writing that I remembered very much happened when I was in Junior High School. Once a time, my language teacher told my class to make a poem which all the first letter of line on our poem should use the same letter like each ours name have. For example, if your name is Andy, then you should make your first line’s letter to begin with A, and the second bait with N, and so on. What a cool thing I taught that time. I made it, I finished my poem with my own name as its title, Wim Permana, and I was very surprise when one of my close friend told me that “Wow, Indonesia seems to have another great poet”. Off course, because I was just a student, I absolutely did not take that joke seriously. Anyway, that is a joke, definitely. Since my friend him-self was, and he is, not a poet or a poem analyst, on that day nor today.

But suddenly I realize, there is something between me and this kind of activity. It is weird enough that looks like I am always be able to make a good work of this. I did not say this by my self, instead, people around me told me if I do. A few years after that poem, I was fall in love with one of my friend on that school. Her name is …… , thankfully she is married nowadays, but not with me. Fortunately.

Sure, that is not what I want to tell you at this session of writing. Things you should know is a fact that I become so productive and seriously involve with writing when I fall in love, with this girl. During the season of our love (sounds very romantic isn’t), I keep on painting her, but not with picture, yet poem. In one day, I urge my self to write a 100-line poem just for her. In fact, i was failed. How come? Yeah, I failed with those 100-line but I amazingly wrote a 200 to 300 line poem which is very special, not just for her, but also for our beautiful love letter relationship. Cool! Another sign about what am I from my lord I taught.

After I graduate from my junior high school, this God-give talent seems to be very clear in my perspective. The almost same situation happened when I was in senior high school. Again, in one of poem assignment, I wondered all my friends seems to enjoy and admired my performance, so did my teacher. They were become so quiet while and after I read my poem in front of them. They appreciate my works, but still, I feel nothing.

Three years experience in senior high school still did not make me to have a sense to become a writer. Instead, the booming of computer and information technology had push me to take major in computer science. Great, I even never thinking about getting to take major in literature and linguistic, the field my self is good most. As the time goes by, my writing talent got so clear, till I realize that I can not escape from this venom.

Well, it is not surprised to know that most of my works as a computer science student are the writer’s craft; papers, reports, articles, opinions, etc. And not just works, but also activity, organization, and community. Most of them are something that have a strong connectivity with writing. Let me list a couple of them; I joined and won the workshop of writing, third place in essay competition, director of Himakomedia, member of well known Indonesian writers community; Forum Lingkar Pena, and …….

All stories above have challenge me to accept this venom as a gift of lord. It is a bless for me. Yes I’m sure it is. At the end of this introduction, allow me to place these sentences;

I am a writer
I believe I am

Friday to Saturday 7.25 am
June 9th, 2007
R A Y E A R T H®


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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