7 Benefits of Scholarships Social Bookmarking

In this article, I will give you some sight about the benefits of ScholarsCamp as a scholarship social bookmarking sites. Well, there are seven point I can tell you. But I believe that someday it will increase automatically as you gain more experience on this sites. Here we go ….

1. Save your bookmarks online.

If you are a mobile and dynamic person. I bet you don’t want to bring your heavy-dusty PC (even laptop) everywhere. Rather complaining your left behind-bookmarked URL in your browser, why not save it online for free. Yes, you can use ScholarsCamp simply for this. Thanks.

2. Collective Intelligence; Think of it, Thanks for it.

Those URL which you and other users had saved into us will become ScholarsCamp’s data. Since this data is a human-generated data, chances are that they are better than machine-generated. Still, the best robot in this universe is us, human. Not Aibo, Asimo nor Google spider.

3. See what your friends have Voted.

You can see what scholarships your friends had voted. This will tell you stuff they like or not. Anyway, your friends won’t vote things they don’t like. Do they? Just don’t forget, they also can see you.

4. Send your friends scholarships information you have.

“Yahooooooo … I found a great scholarships,” you said. Now, because you are a nice guy, why don’t you send this information to your friends via email. ScholarsCamp has an interface to make you easily do that. Go on … try it. You will become a hero. Without flying or webbing on the top of Manhattan. All you need is an account in here. So simple.

5. See what scholarship that gain popularity and what is not.

Unpopular stuff doesn’t mean bad, yet a popular one off course has something worth enough to be checked. So check it. See it. Perhaps what is good for many people here is good for you too. Don’t worry. Everything is free in ScholarsCamp. You can prove it.

6. Read and reread information about scholarships.

A scholarship is actually not just about terms or requirements. It is also about something that perhaps you can’t find on brochures such as; administering your passport, doing consultation, how good (or bad) supervisor’s attitude, the service from the scholarships provider, culture of place, pre-test, ex-student history, testimony from students, etc. if you find something useful that brochure didn’t tell you, just add your information by submitting comment in to this site. People will thank you very much because of this. The truth is out there (out of brochure).

7. Let those scholarships come to you.

Probably, this is what many of you are waiting for. The intelligence that will deliver all stuff which suit your data into your account. Yet, the show has not begin. Please be patient. Our CTO is still working on it.

Wim Permana


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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