What is a Startup?

According to Wikipedia, Startup is a company with a limited operating history. Well, you don’t get it. Do you? Limited operating means that this kind of company is not running in the same scale as big company does. Imagine Microsoft in the first year of their birth, Microsoft is considered to be a startup company. A company which Bill Gate and Paul Allen start to sell their vision; that is to trade programming language they made to all computer hobbyist.

Nowadays, Microsoft is not a startup company anymore. They are just too big; big company, more employees (they have hundred thousand and grow), more office (around the world), more project (Office 20XX, Windows Whatever), more product (Desktop App, Web based App), more acquisition, and the rest is history.

Now, that’s what Wikipedia said about startup. What about Paul Graham? He is our inspiration. He said with an analogy that a startup is just looks like a Formula 1 race car; “It looks weird, but it goes fast”. What does it means? Means that startup is so small, with only three or four people that trying to make all things work and done. Though it is so small, fortunately this is a phase where company’s productivity are being happened. Again, a Microsoft with only Gate and Allen is totally different with it self of thousands.

Two paragraphs are finished. The idea of what a startup is probably could differ for one and other. But the point is, a startup is a company that just started. No big deal. That’s all. So let’s do it.

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