11 things others CEO wouldn’t do

Yesterday I’m lucky. Now I would feel the same. I had done somethings which I hadn’t done yet on the previous days. Here they are:

  1. Pay electric bills at 10 km-PLN office in Gedong Kuning.
  2. Get my resume prepared for CrunchBase Job Board.
  3. Checking e-mail, Blogs, Yahoo, and Facebook update.
  4. Doing some vote in ScholarsCamp.
  5. Update all of my feed collection. yes, but not read all of them.
  6. Testing Basecamp and ProjectPier. We choose the second one for our project Collaboration Management.
  7. Reading good stuff at GigaOM Network.
  8. Ate Pisang Goreng and Tempe from CTO.
  9. Mentoring Nishon Erost for Mathematics and English.
  10. I am feel sleepy.
  11. Get ready for tomorrow action and unstoppable Startup.

Oh yeah, alhamdulillah. It is my time to sleep and have a nice dream on my bed.


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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