BlackHole’s Case Study

All BlackHole are not created equal

Wim Permana is a student of Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia. He is taking four year undergraduate program and majoring computer science. He is a senior student at this time. Since he wants to take a master degree in the same field (and others if it is possible), he start thinking to find some scholarships that would fit with his interest and off course; his academic background data.

Wim searchs everywhere. In his campus, library, auditorium, canteen, and …. you name it. Yet, he found so many that he himself confuse to digest it. Well, Wim doesn’t stop here. He still trying. Now, he count on the net. He open up Firefox web browser and bingo! Guess it; Google. Oh yeah, sure, why not. He typed the word “scholarships” and the result reach about 59,200,000 web page. Oh my, Wim said “thanks, but …. I don’t know”. He seems to refuse Google search result. Wish he tried a little bit harder with specific keyword or some special character.

Fortunately, after trying so many times, he finally found ScholarsCamp. When he looked ScholarsCamp for the first time, he taught that this is just looked like a digg or delicious. Well, he right. ScholarsCamp is a scholarships social bookmarking anyway.

Then he sign in up for free and put up some academic data on this site. This is what the data all about:

Username : wim
User : Wim Permana
Homepage :
Public email :
Location : Jogjakarta
Occupation : student
Yahoo : wimkhan
Google Talk : wimkhan
Major : Computer Science
School/University : Universitas Gadjah Mada
Country : Indonesia
Birth : 1985-01-30
Gender : Male
Intended Major : Arts, Computer Science, Education
Enrolled : Yes
Degree : College (Undergraduate)

On the next day after he join ScholarsCamp, Wim try to log in to his profile in this site. At the top of his profile there, Wim saw a panel with this text:
ScholarsCamp recommends some scholarships for you. Check your BlackHole. We also recommend this stuff though it has been expired, you can use it as a references for the next season of scholarships.

Then he click the BlackHole in that text. Here is the result:

These are the (uncomplete) screen shoot of Wim’s BlackHole. So, there are eight scholarships that suit for him in the first page. From computer science to art, just like what he wished before.

The list would go like this:

  1. PhD Positions in Computer Science and Engineering
  2. Postgraduate Studentships in Computer Science, University of Bristol
  3. Sweden-6 PhD Positions in Electronics and Computer Science
  4. College of Computer & Information Sciences (CCIS)
  5. PhD Fellowship in Computer Science related to Security in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks, University of Luxembourg
  6. Art History Scholarship Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth
  7. Higher Education Scholarship Programs – ICDF Taiwan
  8. Jim Sands Memorial Marine Education Scholarship
  9. Next Page …

Actually, his BlackHole still provide another twelve page about scholarships. But unfortunately, it looks like that those page are still irrelevant with what he want. So he decide to stop in the first page and take some real action; apply!

Now I hope you can enjoy this story. If you feel happy about this, feel free to sign in and … have a nice BlackHole. Wish you luck.

Best Regard,

Wim Permana


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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