ScholarsCamp’s BlackHole

All BlackHole are not created equal


Black Hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing can escape after having fallen past the event horizon.

Black Hole from Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia.

Yes, that’s what in the name of it. Sounds very familiar isn’t? But ScholarsCamp has something to do with that word anyway. The term has inspire us to make such a system that will mimic what black hole has to do; to absorb all the things beyond the event horizon. Off course, we wouldn’t absorb all things, nor do something with “event horizon”.

What ScholarsCamp’s BlackHole does is to absorb all the scholarships information which suit your academic data. Back to the real black hole meaning; you can considered scholarships information here as the thing to be absorbed and your academic data as an event horizon.

If you still confuse about ScholarsCamp’s BlackHole here, try to read this live example.

Wim Permana


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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