How to write a white paper for startup company in web 2.0 mode

Wim Permana

Actually, I don’t know what will white paper 2.0 looks like. Nor do 1.0. I’m just thinking that this kind of white paper somewhat somehow should have these elements.

  1. Your Company Name
  2. Your company URL
  3. Your Logo
  4. Introduction
  5. Problems from old player
  6. Proof of that problems
  7. Now it’s time for yours
  8. Advantages of yours
  9. Your Features
  10. Your audiences
  11. Business Models
  12. Conclusion
  13. Contact
  14. Thank You
  15. Your Blog
  16. Your Headquarters

And finally. I think that’s all. Enough. If you need to add one or a couple more, please tell me. As a comparison. You can check ScholarsCamp’s White Paper below.

ScholarsCamp’s White Paper


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

2 tanggapan untuk “How to write a white paper for startup company in web 2.0 mode”

  1. Alhamdulillah, sama-sama Pak Aldo. Wah kamu mendului senior-seniormu ya do. Bagus .. bagus … sayang kau tidak ikut makan-makan pas resepsi. hu . hu …..

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