How to market your startup with poem

Wim Permana

The answer of this question lies for every founders (perhaps) who have mutant ability to become a poet like Shakespeare or Poe. Not good enough for a prologue isn’t.

Ok. I choose poem here as my copywriting material for ScholarsCamp. First, I do not know whether it is gonna work or not. I am just thinking about how to make a copywriting for my startup; ScholarsCamp! I tried to imagine a couple of form and shape for this. But after a bit confuse about this, I decide to jump to my own skill; to become a poet. Again!

Here is how I deal with it:

Step Number One: Decide who’s your audience gonna be

In ScholarsCamp, our audience is all scholars in the world. We assume that they might be on 17 to 35 year of age.

Step Number Two: Imagine their problem which still have relation with your Startup

In our case; it means the scholarships searching problem.

Step Number Three: Tell them what they (intended to) like ..

All Scholars seems want to success; in their own term. Good grade, summa cum laude, etc. But I don’t think that that’s the problems to be solved by us. Here, we focus on something small like take a rest, engage with friends, nap, and something like that.

Step Number Four: Your features!

Don’t tell it like they never use it anyway. Tell it gently and softly on how this feature gonna be. Make some relations with their problems. Engaging your features with audience’s problems is one of the big mantra for marketing.

Step Number Five: invite them to sign in and tell them what is the benefit in it

To share, to collaborate, to make such a nice community, etc. Pick up one that suit on you.

Step Number Six: Patch it to Scholars’ place

Such as library, canteen, hall, etc. Ask your friend to do so. If you have no time and ability to do this

Step Number Seven: Act!

This is The poem I mean to:


by Wim Permana

… Dear scholars …
don’t waste your time
searching for scholarships
makes u out of your mind

let our BlackHole help
to connect you and match
with scholarships u better have

now scholars will have more time
for friends, games or a little bit of nap
since that’s exactly what they want perhaps

register now is free
for tomorrow i’m not be able to guarantee is a great place
for u and for me
to meet and build such a nice and great community

Download Poem of ScholarsCamp in PDF


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

2 tanggapan untuk “How to market your startup with poem”

  1. Alhamdulillah akhirnya ada yang mengontak saya. user name: dosha passwordnya: —- (aku minta emailnya dulu. maklum rahaia. btw, sekarang kok situsnya dosha malah ga bisa diakses ya?)

    Eh ini dengan aldo ya, account yahoo saya: wimkhan. Sebaiknya nanti bicaranya lewat YM saja. Biar enak.

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