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Wim Permana = WP = WordPress

Right now, I am still enjoying working as an editor at 3GWeek.Net. This blog contains a various of topics from cellphone, smartphone to WiMax and even Mobile Social Networking.

In 3GWeek, I write on various topics and issues as well. These are including but not limited to cellphone review, news and gossips from telecommunication company, tips and tricks, weekly review post, and of course communicating with other gadget bloggers and our readers too.

You can see and read all of my craftsmanship here by following this URL:


Before joining 3GWeek, I have worked as an editor in chief for ITMagz; an IT Magazine (printed edition) in Jogjakarta (one of the most geeky city in Indonesia) covering a broad range of topics such as personal computers, gadgets, software, open source, Jogja’s IT community, telecom infrastructure to IT services.

As an entrepreneur

Aside his job as a blogger, Wim also start motivating himself to start a startup with his friends Fuad and Dhanang. Our first product is ScholarsCamp, a scholarships social bookmarking site. The second one is BlogLeague, a platform for blogger to create a league of their own. However, both of this product are still in beta or development-phase. We need more and more time and effort to take those to the next level.

Any body who interested to invest on my team may contacting me via email wimkhan at gmail dot com.

That’s my short bio for now. I’ll update it soon.

Thank you.

If you want to have an insight on what would Wim trully is then you may enjoy the video above. This is one of the video on YouTube I love most. Power of a dad and mom. The message is so strong; 

It’s important to have a mother in this world. But it’s also important to have your mother in your heart. I know that it’ll be very hard without mother. But we are not alone! Our mothers are always with us, here deep in our hearts. I don’t have a mother, either too. But if I miss my mom I close my eyes and think about my mom and the past. We were so happy at that time …..

which I took it from YouTube’s video comment. Enjoy it …


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

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  1. wow! congrats.. a people who gave a knowledge to each other more useful than gave a money, just like you. cuz science can give u money and money to get the science, not to make it come.

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