Platinum Sudoku is The iLounge’s iPhone Game of The Year

Gameloft’s Platinum Sudoku has been chosen as the “iLounge iPhone/iPod touch Game of The Year”. This award comes from, a sixteen million page views/month iPhone & iPod dedicated website based in Irvine California. iLounge’s editors and readers had picked up Platinum Sudoku for this title with two main reasons. First, its polish look and feel. Second, it comes at affordable price.

As a puzzle games that cost iPhone/iPod touch users at just $2 per download, it seems that Gameloft had given its lovers a lot of stuff to be enjoyed. Let’s put it up here; 200.000 grids, mini-games, unlockables, plus an extra game entitle “Kakuro”. At the second position, Electronic Arts’ Tetris took the place. Unlike Platinum Sudoku, EA’s Tetris is available at $8 per download. The price that makes it seems to be highly overrated.


Gameloft won “iPod/iPhone Game Developer of The Year”

For another category that is still relevant from this i.e. “iPod/iPhone Game Developer of The Year”, iLounge had chosen Gameloft as their best contestant. Leaving both Electronic Arts and Hudson Soft behind at the second and third place. Four factors that have become the base of this judgment are quality, quantity, pricing, and longevity of all the games a vendor could release in the last previous year.

For more information about this Award, you can download the document here see page 109.

Source: iLounge via MarketWatch


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