AT&T officially sells Blackberry Bold


Besides Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold is the series of RIM’s smartphone that has gain a lot of attraction among gadget bloggers in blogosphere. Not only in the USA, country where RIM is still considered to be the king of smartphone manufacturers there, but also in other countries such as UK, Singapore or even Indonesia. Some of those bloggers or major media even had reviewed this 3G-capable device for a couple of months ago. Check these out if you want some; CNet, Engadget, and PC World.

Buy it on AT&T

Now for those US citizen who really love this Canadian-made handset, I have a good news for you. Today, AT&T has officially sold this fresh Blackberry series at $299,99 with a two-years contract. Of course, after the rebate and the discount. Early buyers should buy this Bold via AT&T’s stores or outlets since the company hasn’t made this gadget available to be purchased via their website yet.

Check it on Walmart too

If that price tag does not cheerish your heart yet, I suggest you to check another Bold’s offering from Walmart. This US giant retail store is willing to give you this 3G handset for free as long as you want to accept their 2 years contract. Or as Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan said, that’s equal with 1350 minute talk plan. Without any contracts or plan, this candybar smartphone can be purchased at $699,99. Pricey isn’t?

Source: CNet and Gizmodo


Penulis: Wim Permana

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