Nokia 5800 XpressMusic price and availability in Indonesia


Some of us may think that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic series – aka Tube – is the closest iPhone the Finnish can get to date. However, some of us are definitely not in the same side on this case. That’s including Hasan Aula, Nokia’s Country Manager for Indonesia. In a recent report by detikInet (Bahasa Indonesia), Mr. Hasan said that both Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Apple iPhone has a different roadmap, as well as in phone features.

Price and availabilty in Indonesia

Aside from that issue, he also confirmed that this Nokia’s full touch screen series hasn’t been available in Indonesia yet. “Perhaps, in two weeks forward,” he said. Well, that could be on November 24th, 2008. Besides about Nokia 5800 XpressMusic availability in Indonesia, Mr. Aula also said that he could not assured the exact price of this music-centric mobile phone since it was very difficult for him to forecast the current situation of currency market.

Just for your information, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is one of the series that will support Nokia Comes With Music, service that will allow its users to access the entire Nokia Music Store catalaogue for one year contract period. Nokia has stated on its press release that this Carl Zeiss-powered mobile phone will be priced at 279 euro. Using today’s currency via XE, this handset will cost Indonesian consumers at about Rp. 3,902,661.65. Hmm, not so pricey actually. Nokia E Series is used to be more expensive than that, but many Indonesian are still buying it. So go head Nokia, bring it on! 


1 euro = 13,988.03 IDR

Source: detikInet



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