Learning English and more from a 15 years old kid named Joel Drapper


I had no idea about this kid ’till I read a post from Alva Hendi’s blog – co-founder of Mbois.com. So who is Joel Drapper? He is a blogger, twitterer, web developer, web designer, and much more. Well, since he is just a 15 years old of age right now, the sky is always the limit, right?

Hmm, for me a 23 years old guy from Indonesia, a kid like Joel Drapper will be much more than those specs up there. When I read his post for the first time, I suddenly realized that this was absolutely the kind of written-in-english-language blog post which I really want to cheat. Believe me I’m not lying.

Well, here is one of the post’s excerpt that I really meant to:

Intype – The Missing Editor For Windows (TextMate Clone)
November 24th, 2008

I don’t yet have a mac, but have always been fond or the way textmate (a mac text editor) works. Thankfully there is a great, free alternative for Windows.

Intype is a free text editor that you can download from www.intype.info.

The main thing that really separates Intype from most other Windows text editors is snippets.

A snippet is a snippet of code with editable areas. You can insert snippets either by pressing the keyboard shortcut for that snippet or with a tab trigger.

A tab trigger is a word that you can type, press “tab”, and a load of code assigned to that word is inserted into the document. For example, if I had the “html” bundle enabled, I could use tab triggers like table, div, he, javascript, etc.

For me, that is just a brilliant, elegant, yet so “perfectly natural” simple english. Just some simple words that form some simple sentences and bingo, a comprehensive paragraph. That’s all for me. Yes, I want it too.

I don’t know about you and your opinion guys, but I guess he is better than some of those bloggers out there. Man, those bloggers’ words just make me crazy. They’re leaving me in such an emptiness where I digest each of their crafts badly.

OMG, how can I be such foolishly romantic today…. thanks Joel. Keep writing kid.

Thanks to Alva Hendi’s blog


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