Just Keep Writing! (Part 1)

type writer


“I really want to become an author.” Yes, this is a statement that comes from the deepest side of my heart. However, I still don’t have any book published. That’s funny ha. But I’m not kidding. Actually, that’s true. If you want to become an author, you’re better start struggling to get your crafts gets published from now. I mean it, whether it is in the form of digital ebook or as a printed traditional book. You also have a freedom to distribute your crafts whether as a free stuff or a paid one. It’s up to you, the author.

On Blog and Blogging

Luckily, a person like me who want to reach the status of an author still have a chance to utilize the act of writing – author’s main focus – on another medium like blog. Blog is something that many people in this earth dubbed as a digital journal, while others are referring it as a Websites 2.0 (read: two dot o). No matter what blog’s description that fit for you, I’ll keep in my mind that a blog is just a tool that helps me to write and publish my crafts (articles, poem, short stories, travel report, etc) through the Internet so that any body who can access this 24/7 medium may have an opportunity to visit, read, talk back, and utilize the goodness (or badness) of anything inside of it.

To be continued …….. (How many blogs do I have?)


Penulis: Wim Permana

CPNS Pemkab Gorontalo, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Writer, Blade Rider

2 tanggapan untuk “Just Keep Writing! (Part 1)”

  1. for me better to call me myself as a writer not an author. why? cuz i just write what i wanna write. if ppl like what i’ve written, that’s nice lah. if they dont, that’s ok, i may keep writing….
    who can stop me to write!?!? none!

    if u want your books published, just send them to any publishers. that’s all.

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