Paperboard-based USB Flash Drive


If your company is planning to buy some new USB flash drives and saving this planet at the same time then this gadget is definitely worth to check. The Custom USB Flash Drive – Eco-Friendly – PAPERBOARD is a flash drive that is made by 100% post-consumer recycled, unbleached cardboard pressboard. The company, Promo Key Chain, claims that this 18 grams lightweight gadget is made in compliance with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) specifications to reduce hazardous substances such as Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+), Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBD).


This tiny gadget is compatible with three major operating systems such as Windows (ME, 2000, XP, Vista), Mac OS, and Linux. In other words, users can simply plug this USB stick into any PC or Mac without the need for such software drivers, bulky cables or even adapters. However, Mac OS and Linux users still should beware since Promo Key Chain does not disclose the version of both OS specifically.



Promo Key Chain, which based in Vancouver, Canada, offers this product with four added values. First, it gives three (3) colors imprint on both sides of the USB flash drives. Second, it gives a chance for its customers to load the USB with custom digital content such as marketing materials, videos, audio files, presentation, etc. Third, as the company name suggest, all USB flash drives will come with key chain. And finally, the shipping cost is free for all customers, wherever they are.

This eco-friendly USB 2.0 flash drive is available in eight (8) different storage capacities from the smallest 128MB to the biggest 16GB. All types come with one year warranty. Each of the 128MB versions will cost $12.17, while the 16GB version starts at $53.75. However, note that consumers will have to purchase 300 units of USB flash drive for a minimum order.

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